Winton College and the Bournemouth Arrow

The club’s ‘home base’ is at Winton Arts and Media College in Ensbury Park, conveniently placed right next to Bournemouth’s new 250m outdoor track at Slades Farm. The club has a partnership with the college whereby we use their facilities for coaching and club meetings as well as store the club’s own 8 Wattbike indoor trainers.

The club runs a winter training program from October to April each year, during term time. There are turbo sessions on Tuesday evenings and Wattbike sessions on Friday evenings

Turbo Sessions:
These are run at the Winton College in the Sports Hall, at 6.30pm on a Tuesday night. These sessions require members to bring their own Turbo (and bike!) to the College, then, as a group, follow a routine directed by the Coach, to perform a 40/50 minute session. These sessions can be used to improve performance for the competitive-minded, but equally can be useful for riders simply trying to hold some form, or improve their general bike-riding fitness.

Wattbike Sessions:
These are also held at the Winton College, but on the first floor in the designated Wattbike’ room. The Club has 8 Wattbikes and is aiming to run a minimum of 2 sessions (i.e. 16 riders) on every Friday, first session at 5.30pm, and the second session from 6.30. Numbers are limited so booking in advance is necessary through
Similar to the Turbo sessions, these are Coached activities, following planned routines to enhance fitness for all levels of cyclists.
The Wattbikes are also available for unsupervised use by Arrow members on Thursday evenings during term time.

Both Turbo and Wattbike sessions are free to all members.