Winter Training Programme Oct 2015

Winter Training Programme Oct 2015

Tuesday Turbos

Winton College starting on 6th October at 6.30pm, bring your own bike, turbo, drink and towel. Suitable for all riders with no limit on numbers, the sessions will be run by Dave Gilham and Anne Stevens and are free to members.

Friday Wattbikes

Winton College starting 9th October with 3 groups of 8 riders at 5.00pm, 6.00pm and 7.00pm.

Bring a drink and a towel, names required for each session to Peter Fairbank by preceding weekend latest. The sessions will be run by Dave Gilham, Alan McRae and Barrie Watkinson and are free to members with priority given to first claim.

Saturday Ride

Currently operating, this ride leaves Parley Cross at 8.30am and is approx. 2 hours, Ride overseen by Steve Staniland but all riders must be self sufficient.

Sunday Ride 

Operating from 11th Oct the starting point will vary depending on the route chosen but will start at 9.00am. and is initially 2.5 to 3 hours. The Ride is overseen by Dave Gilham but all riders must be self sufficient. The ride will consist of 1 group initially but may split into several from November.

Calshot Track

All on Sunday mornings 09.00am to 12.00noon on 4th Oct, 1st Nov, 29th Nov, 3rd Jan, 7th Feb and 6th March. These sessions are suitable for all club members who have had experience at riding our Friday Track sessions at Bournemouth as a minimum. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate track novices, novices should contact one of the coaches who will recommend which other sessions will provide the necessary experience. There will be a charge to cover track hire and the sessions will be run by Anne Stevens and Alan McRae.

Coaching Meetings

All members are welcome to attend our Coaching Meetings where advice will be provided to support all our members to get the most from their cycling whether they race in time trials, on the road or on the track. All members considering participation in any of our above training sessions are advised to attend these coaching meetings which are free to members. An introduction to Winter Training will be held on Monday 28th September from 7.00pm at Winton College Library with the first detailed Training Programme given on 19th October. These meetings are free to members and run by Dave Gilham, with input from all the coaching team and, later in the winter, will include time trial specific preparation by Barrie Watkinson.

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