Track Riding

Bournemouth Arrow Track Racing

Club Track Nights

During the months May to September, the club runs a coached track session every week at the Bournemouth Cycling Centre 250m outdoor track. In 2018 this will be on Tuesday evening. Coaching and training for the Development Group (mostly 13 – 16 year olds) takes place from 5.00pm, with the Adults session from 6.30pm.

These evening sessions focus on competition training so are suitable for accredited riders who already have a reasonable amount of track hours behind them. We recommend all novices start their track cycling through the Bournemouth Cycling Centre’s own Rider Accreditation Programme, details of which are on their website.

If track training is rained off, there is a possibility of some riders using the Wattbikes if a supervising coach is available.

Calshot Track Training

Monthly Track Sessions are held from October to March on the 147m indoor velodrome at the Calshot Activities Centre. There is a £10 charge and again, these sessions are open to experienced track riders only. The Calshot Activity Centre run their own track familiarisation courses, details of which can be found here.

Club Track Bikes

The club has 6 Dolan track bikes for use free of charge by its members at track sessions at the Bournemouth Cycling Centre that are coached by the club.