Track League Program 31st May 2016

The track has been fixed and we are all on for tomorrow, here’s the program:

Bournemouth Track Cycling League 2016
Date 31st May 2016
Time Event Group Race
7.00pm 1 Youth/Women 6 Lap Scratch Race
7.05pm 2 Group B 8 Lap Scratch Race
7.10pm 3 Group A 8 Lap Scratch Race
7.15pm 4 Youth/Women 12 Lap Points Race
7.20pm 5 Group B Elimination Race
7.30pm 6 Group A 20 Lap Points Race
7.40pm 7 Youth/Women Elimination Race
7.45pm 8 Group B 20 Lap Points Race
7.55pm 9 Group A Elimination Race
8.05pm 10 Youth/Women 8 Lap Block Handicap Race
8.10pm 11 Group A/B 10 Lap Elimination/10 Lap Scratch Race
8.25pm 12 Youth/Women 2 Lap Handicap Sprint
8.30pm 13 Group A/B/W 10 Km Scratch Race
All Points Races 1st 3pts, 2nd 2pts, 3rd 1pt every 4 laps
Elimination Races last rider out every other lap.
A Group will comprise current top 5 League riders as a minimum.
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