Time Trials

The emphasis of the time trial, or the ‘Race of Truth’ as it is known, is to pit yourself against the clock to try and beat your personal best.

Arrow Evening 10

Bournemouth Arrow Club JerseyEach week, on a Thursday evening from mid-April until the end of August, the Arrow holds an evening 10 mile time trial. The course (P311) starts from the industrial estate just south of Ringwood on the B3347 and follows the road down to the Woolpack pub in Sopley, around the one-way system to retrace the course back to Ringwood. The finish line is a few hundred yards south of the start. It’s a great course, widely recognised as one of the most sporting in the area. Rear lights are highly recommended, even on bright evenings it can be dark under this trees half way down the course.

The sessions are open to non-Arrow members and riders not affiliated to any club (a non-affiliated rider must join a club after riding 2 time trials). Each session costs £5 for non-Arrow members and £3 for Arrow members.

The start time is 19:15 during May and July and 18:45 either side of these months.

The evening 10’s are great for catching up with other Arrow members and local cyclists, as well as being the ideal discipline for entering into some competitive cycling. Ideal for both novices and experienced riders.

Open Time Trials

Open time trials give you the opportunity to test yourself against other riders and different courses.

As a member of the Arrow you are entitled to enter any open time trial under Cycling Time Trial (CTT) rules anywhere in the country.

In the most popular events, organisers may have to restrict entries according to the fastest 120 riders, or riders from a certain district.

You can see a list of local “opens” by looking at the Cycling Time Trials South website. This site also provides a comprehensive list of all the courses in this area.

To enter an event you will need the following:

1. Access to the current CTT Handbook for details on closing date, entry conditions, entry fee, and most importantly, the address to send your entry to. You can order one from the CTT shop.

2. An offical CTT entry form, which you can download from here, which you must use to enter the event.

Entry fees are typically around £7.50. For weekend events the closing date is 6pm on the Tuesday, 10 to 13 days prior to the event (remember to allow time for postage). You can find lots more detail on entering time trials on the CTT website.

A guide to some of our local courses

To make admin easier, you will see that all courses are given a code. You can spot courses in this region because they’re all prefixed with a P.

P311 – This is also the course we use for our club time trials on Thursday evenings. Snakes from left to right as it heads south to Sopley, guaranteeing a headwind on both the way out and the way back! Also used for the New Forest Boxing Day 10.

P303 – Like the P311 but with more corners.

P333 – Used once a year for the legendary Tour of the New Forest time trial. Expect to encounter cattle grids, ponies, a level crossing, right hand turns and wayward donkeys. Great fun though, how time trials used to be!

P415/10 – Super-fast, featuring a ski-slope start from outside the Ryvita factory in Canford. Expect to touch 45mph+ but don’t forget to brake for the roundabout half way down. Race HQ usually the comically named Hump-a-Lump nursery.

P413 – Available in 10, 15, 25, 30 and 50 mile variants, all incorporating one or more laps of the Upton by-pass. This piece of road seems flat and fast in the car, but especially for time triallists it morphs into a never ending hill bookended by two roundabouts. Don’t expect too much in the way of scenery, this is all about suffering! Look out for the Bournemouth Jubilee events on these courses, these always have the best cake!

P433, P435, P427 – Used for early season hilly events. This is the land of Thomas Hardy and Lawrence of Arabia, Blandford ales and village tea rooms. Expect to be inspired and allow yourself a cream tea at the end, you’d have earned it!