The Last Track Night Program for Bournemouth Arrow Track League 26th July 2016

Bournemouth Arrow Track League 26th July 2016 Program

Bournemouth Track Cycling League 2016
Finale Night
Date 26th July 2016    
Time Event Group Race  
7.00pm 1 Youth/Women 6 Lap Scratch Race
7.05pm 2 Group B 22 Lap Course de Primes
7.20pm 3 Group A 22 Lap Course de Primes
7.35pm 4 Youth/Women 10 Lap Hare and Hound
7.45pm 5 Group A/B Super Elimination Race
7.55pm 6 Youth/Women Elimination Race
8.05pm 7 Group B 13 Lap Gamblers Choice
8.15pm 8 Youth/Women 2 Lap Handicap Sprint
8.20pm 9 Group A 13 Lap Gamblers Choice
8.30pm 10 Group A/B/W 40 Lap Points Race
Course de Primes has 3 neutralised laps the 1 point every other lap for first rider.
Hare and Hounds has groups starting on the fence in home and back straight.
Super Elimination Race has last 2riders out every other lap.
Elimination Race has last rider out every other lap.
Gambler’s Choice win and out has 2 neutralised laps, then sprint every other lap
first sprint = 2nd place, 2nd sprint = 3rd, 4th sprint = 5th, 5th sprint = 6th,
6th sprint = 1st place.  
Points Race has points awarded every 10 laps.
Bournemouth Cycling Centre
Ensbury Ave
BH10 4EP
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