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Roll call

World champions – 2

Olympic champions – 1

Pro riders – 3

TdF riders – 1

The beginning

A very early result sheet from shortly after the club was formed in 1927 (From an original held by George Bolton):


A newspaper write up from 1928 (From an original held by George Bolton)

The 1950s

Here’s a picture of one of the heroes who made the Arrows the club it is today – step forward George Bolton pictured riding a Pat Skeats frame with an 87″ fixed gear.

GeorgeBolton 1950s


The 1970s

Some pictures of racing at the Hampshire Centre, now Castlepoint shopping centre: (Photos by George Bolton)




The 1980s


Barry Clarke launches the newly sponsored Bournemouth Arrow-Fircoft Hotel in the 1980s. We remained sponsored by Barry until 2017, one of the longest running sponsorship deals ever! The Fircroft naturally forms the backdrop to this photograph. Barry sold it later to buy the Collingwood which he ran successfully for many years before selling it in late 2016. (Photo by George Bolton)

The Chequers Road Race, 1980s

Sprint King George Dixon (Photo by George Bolton)


Richard Boulter climbing to Holt Heath (Photo by George Bolton)

The Noughties

2002 – A letter from a young hopeful in France.. before success and mega-stardom with Cervelo, Garmin and GCN!

Letter from Daniel 25th March 2002
Hi all

Going to bore you all now with another race write up from France.

Did a national race on Saturday 23rd, le Souvenir JG Chamoux, in St Pourcain. 118km and 140 riders (a combination of Elite 3, national and regional riders – the French federation has introduced a new Elite 3 category this year for all riders ranked between 250th and 750th from last season, which means a lot of riders who were Elite 2 last season are now Elite 3 and able to ride 25 days of national races, making the standard slightly higher – hope you got that!)

. After 15km I formed a break of 3, we weren’t really going flat out by any means, but we got caught by a group of 8, which included 2 of my team mates (Mikhail and Tom Rowan), and also 3 riders from another team so needless to say we all started working together, and the gap to the bunch started to rise. My Kazakh team mate, sometimes referred to as the Beast from the East, decided he was going to go for all KOM and sprint prizes and without too much effort succeeded in winning them all! At one point he was away on his own for 10km which have Tom and I the chance to take a breather at the back of the group.

With around 30km to go, 2 riders got dropped on a climb including one of the three from the other team, giving us the numerical advantage. All three of us were going strong, and started to take it in turns to attack. Eventually Mikhail got away with 20km remaining with one other rider, who wasn’t particularly strong. Tom and I decided the win was in the bag with that combination as Mikhail was looking immensely strong, so we sat on. The gap to the front two quickly rose to a minute. An Elite 3 rider from the local Cornon team attacked up a big climb with about 5 km’s to go. Tom and I followed and in the process dropped two riders. Coming into the last 2km we were in a group of 4, at which point Tom attacked and got away on his own. I sat on until just under one km to go, at which point I also launched an attack and came in on my own for 4th place. I must say I was chuffed at our team work coming into the finish but later found out Mikhail had only got 2nd which was a bit of a disappointment. He said he had some trouble with his chain coming into the finish so we will have to take his word for it!

Anyway, quite a good result for the team with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, 1st team, and also 1st regional rider as another team mate finished in 14th place. Oh, and Mikhail also won the best climber and sprints competition so perhaps it was a good thing he didn’t win – have to leave a bit for the other riders to go for!

Until next time


The 2010s

2011 – The Arrow hands over a cheque of £1000 to the new Bournemouth Cycle Centre: