Getting Started!

As a new member, there are lots of opportunities to get involved in the various activities happening at the Arrow.  This page should give you an idea of where to start, in a rough order of progression. The Club recommends the use of an approved helmet when taking part in all forms of cycling.

Club Rides

Bournemouth Arrow Club RidesClub rides are the best way to get to know your fellow club members as well as developing some solid base fitness. The Arrow have members that organise a number of different rides, catering for most abilities. Check the club & training rides page to see which rides will suit you. There aren’t really any restrictions on club rides, they are generally good fun and very sociable. The ‘Hard Riders’ events are not for the faint hearted, you’ll need to be fit and comfortable following a wheel at 20+ mph. Warm clothing, spare inner-tubes, liquid, food and a couple of quid (just in case of emergency, e.g. you run out of food and can’t turn the pedals!) are essential for any club ride.

Mountain Biking

Bournemouth Arrow Club RidesNo need for an introduction, we all know about this one. Very popular and great fun. The Arrow has a small MTB scene, further details here. If you’re looking for competition, then look no further than the SouthernXC series.

Time Trials

Bournemouth Arrow Time TrialsTime trials are great for getting a taste of competitive cycling. You can take these as seriously as you like or at your own pace, gradually building on your previous efforts. A great event for catching up with club members and other local cyclists, as well as a useful way of gauging your form! The Arrow runs a weekly time trial on Thursday evenings during the summer months, see our time trial page for more information.


Bournemouth Arrow Time TrialsThe Bournemouth Arrow have a number of members who participate in many Sportives. We also take an active role in assisting with the facilitation of the Bournemouth events. Sportives are becoming very popular and are again a great way to experience riding in a competitive environment.

Road Racing

Bournemouth Arrow Time TrialsThe road racing scene is not quite what it used to be, events are mainly held on off-road closed circuits (like the Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit) with only the odd exception still making its way on to the public highway. A good example of one of the remaining events is the Moreton Series held near Wool (however, these races are not British Cycling events so you can’t win any BC points!). Check the British Cycling road race calendar to see what’s on.


Bournemouth Arrow Club RidesOnce you’re confident on the road, track might be the next discipline to try. Suitable for more experienced riders, the track is all about speed and skill. The Arrow run a Tuesday session during the summer at the Bournemouth Cycling Centre, which is suitable for experienced members. The track is great fun and very fast, but also requires skill, so there is a huge emphasis on safety and awareness. The Bournemouth Cycling Centre hosts a number of beginner sessions where new riders can earn their accreditation over a number of sessions. Accreditation from other tracks are not transferable, you’ll need to achieve your accreditation at the BCC before participating in any competition training or racing.


Bournemouth Arrow Club RidesThe Arrow has access to 8 high tech indoor training machines known as WattBikes. The club runs weekly sessions which focus on competition training and conditioning. The sessions are in high demand, so book early to avoid disappointment.