DernyFest & Women’s Omnium Pictures

The final just-how-fast-can-people-go-round-here “track test” for Bournemouth’s new 250m cycle track came in the 30KM Final of the Dernyfest.  Matt Gidding’s win in 33 mins 26 secs shows an average speed of 33.5 mph, but only after a steady start! Once up to speed, Matt was actually lapping in just under 15 secs, that’s 37.5 mph! If that isn’t a big enough test, try putting 6 Dernys on the track at the same time bringing a level of spectacle to bike racing never seen before in Bournemouth.

The race results, both men and women, stand for themselves as a testament to great racing and a great facility. However, the real result for the Club came from the way so many members old and new joined together on the day to make it all happen. The huge advantage track racing has over many of the other forms of racing is its ability to bring people together in an environment where every single move made, organisationally and competitively, is on show and only a few yards away.  This was the Bournemouth Arrow’s first venture into running an Open Track Meeting, it was a spectacular success and it proved (maybe most importantly to ourselves) that we can do it, and do it well.

A selection of images taken at the Bournemouth Arrow’s DernyFest and Women’s Omnium Open Track meeting.

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