Calshot Velodrome

Unfortunately due to low interest level the club will not run its usual monthly Calshot session in winter 2019/20. Hopefully we can build our track squad up again and will revisit this activity in the future.

Calshot has the only indoor banked velodrome in the South of England. This national standard track was built in 1997 and can be used by a wide range of cyclists from novices to international standard.

Monthly Track Sessions are held from October to March on the 147m indoor velodrome at the Calshot Activities Centre. There is a £10 charge and again, these sessions are open to experienced track riders only.

The Calshot Activity Centre also run their own track familiarisation courses, details of which can be found here.

These will quality sessions aimed at keeping some leg and brain(!) speed through the winter.  With that in mind the maximum gear allowed for these sessions will be limited to 48 x 16, please be aware of this to avoid disappointment when we do a gear check.  Those who want to really develop more leg speed should be on 47 x 16 or even 46 x 16 at least through to Xmas.

And remember we are talking Calshot so wrap up warm!!!

Directions here

Bournemouth Arrow Track Racing At Calshot

Bournemouth Arrow Track Racing At Calshot