Bournemouth Arrow Raymond Brown Track League

The strengthened team of officials and increase in rider registrations are positive signs for a highly successful 2013 track league.

The growth in Youth rider numbers in particular has led to a necessary restructuring of their race programme.

Each Sunday, details of the following Tuesday’s Programme will be available for downloading from the Bournemouth Arrow website. Results will also be posted as soon as possible along with the official league points table.

Riders are advised to arrive in good time on the first night with as much of the BCC competition license and league entry forms completed in hard copy form as possible in order to save time spent on admin. We have a very full programme and need to run to time!

Initially 2012 riders will be placed in the A or B leagues as last year and then judgements made as to the effectiveness of their training since!

Our aim is to raise the standards of local track racing to the highest possible level to encourage as many riders as possible to take part in the growing list of open events planned at Bournemouth Track in 2013.

Racing starts at 7.00pm on 7th May and we look forward to seeing riders and spectators alike enjoying the spectacle.

Track League Points

This year’s events will be split into 3 categories feeding into one Overall League Table:

A category – provides fast racing for riders who train hard and want a tough work out. Average race length is 20 laps. Points awarded 1st 60pts, 2nd 50pts, 3rd 40pts, 4th 30pts, 5th 20pts, 6th 10pt

B category – provides medium speed racing for club and entry level riders who train and want race experience. Average race length 15 laps. Points awarded 1st 6pts, 2nd 5pts, 3rd 4pts, 4th 3pts, 5th 2pts, 6th 1pts

Youth category – age group racing for riders in British Cycling’s U16, U14 and U12 category. Average race length 10 laps. Points awarded 1st 3pts, 2nd 2pts, 3rd 1pts.

You will see the higher the category you race in, the more points you can earn towards the overall combined rankings. Ie, a rider who wins a lot of B category races, could remain ranked lower in the Overall League than a rider who only ever achieves minor places in A category races.

With more riders, more money will go into the Overall League prize fund.

As a starting point, all Youth and Senior riders will be allocated the category to ride in (A, B or Youth) based, where applicable, on where they finished last year. Normally new Senior riders will start in B.

However categories can be flexible, speak to the Promoter if you would like to be promoted or demoted.

The Promoter reserves the final right to change riders’ categories if deemed necessary to achieve the overall objective of competitive racing in all events irrespective of category.

League Calendar:

The 2013 Raymond Brown Track League commences on Tuesday 7th May at 7pm.

Every Tuesday through to and including the 30th July.

Championships Calendar:

Tuesday 6th, 13th & 20th August (for league riders).


The Raymond Brown track league is held at the Bournemouth Cycling Centre.

Events Include:

Sprint, Scratch, Elimination & Points races.

Who Can Ride?

Open to British Cycling Licence Holders E/1/2/3/4 to be split in A and B Groups to ensure competition at all levels.

Youth: U16/U14/U12.

All riders must hold BCC Accreditation and must read the Raymond Brown Track Cycling League Rider Instructions 2013.

Riders must preregister using the 2013 Entry Form:

PDF File – Raymond Brown Track Cycling League Entry Form 2013.

Word File – Raymond Brown Track Cycling League Entry Form 2013.

Email completed forms to

Riders will be allocated a race number for the 2013 series.


Race Entry on the day only: £10 Seniors/Juniors – £3 Youth

The Team:

Key to the success of Bournemouth’s Track Cycling League is the organisational Team. Drawing valued assistance from local Clubs, Organisations and Individuals the Arrow are delighted to have on board;

Alan McRae – Race Programme

Jackie Storey, Jeni Gilham – Entry and Signing on Administration

Steve Staniland – Competition Equipment Set up

Dave Maclean – Track Security and Rider Safety

Gerry Gray and Graham Hurst – Commissaires

Dave Gilham, Pat Lockyer, Barrie Watkinson – Assistant Commissaires

Jean Baylis – Timekeeper

Peter Fairbank – Lap Board

Pete Smith – Photofinish

Q Storey – Results and League Tables Administration

Kris Carpenter – First Aid

Roger Papp – Facility Operation and Rider Accreditation

All these volunteers will require additional assistance every Tuesday evening so anyone able to join the rota of their helpers should contact the promoter via

Need More Information?

Contact Alan McRae for more details.


Results from each meeting will be published here.

Some Video:

Video clip of a special event typically held during a meet: Group B Keirin Challenge (from 2012 league)

Footage courtesy of Barry Watkins