2018 Winter programme

Coach Updates
With the Winter months coming up, the Club is looking, in line with previous years, to offer a full programme of activity to help keep those legs fine-tuned! To give the coaches an idea of numbers for the activities below, could you please drop a brief note to me at ‘stevec.moss@btinternet.com’ to indicate if you intend to take part in these sessions.

The Club has secured 6 dates for the forthcoming season. This is the indoor Track at the Calshot Activities Centre at Calshot Spit, and has been used for the Arrow for many years as an ideal facility for keeping those legs turning while not worrying about the weather. All the dates below are Sundays, and all bar the last one start at 9am, lasting for 2 hours:

07/10/18 – 0900-1100
11/11/18 – 0900-1100
02/12/18 – 0900-1100
06/01/19 – 0900-1100
03/02/19 – 0900-1100
03/03/19 – 1100-1300

Numbers were a bit low for these sessions last year, so we urge all members with Track experience to try and support these sessions at this great facility.

Turbo Sessions:
These will again be at the Winton College in the Sports Hall, at 6.30pm on a Tuesday night, starting on 2nd October. These sessions require members to bring their own Turbo (and bike!) to the College, then, as a group, follow a routine directed by the Coach, to perform a 40/50 minute session. These sessions can be used to improve performance for the competitive-minded, but equally can be useful for riders simply trying to hold some form, or improve their general bike-riding fitness.

Wattbike Sessions:
As with the Turbos sessions, these are also held at the Winton College, but on the first floor in the designated ‘Wattbike’ room. The Club has 8 Wattbikes and is aiming to run a minimum of 2 sessions (i.e. 16 riders) on every Friday starting from 5th October, first session at 5.30pm, and the second session from 6.30. As space is limited for these sessions, we will operate the same booking system as in previous years, coordinated by Peter Fairbank. Similar to the Turbo sessions, these are Coached acitivities, following planned routines to enhance fitness for all levels of cyclists.

The Club is looking to re-introduce a formal Sunday clubrun, starting from October 14th. The first run will start at 9am at Parley Cross lights (Tesco side) thereafter running weekly. Updates will be posted on Facebook as we may elect to change the start locations occasionally to reflect the route of the day. These will be standard clubruns – sociable, moderate pace (16/18 mph) with a ‘no-one left behind’ policy. As they develop, we may create different groups according to demand.

As with the other Winter sessions, we urge all active Club members to support these runs so we can establish them as a core club activity, benefiting Club riders and also attracting new members to the Club.

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